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A family : The parents and their four children born in 1962, 1963, 1965 and 1966.

In 1980, the second sibling became a baker's apprentice in Burgundy. To unwind and get some fresh air after his job by the oven , he bought himself a road bike to ride throughout the Morvan.

The winter is very harsh in this region. Even so, he never let these cold conditions get the better of him. However, the pain in his fingers was very unpleasant and provoked a thought process : How could he combat the cold other than by taking his hands off the handlebar to warm them on his back ? As an amateur cyclist, he would make use of his bike as often as possible (to get to and from work or just for the exercise...)

To him, the solution had always appeared obvious : it was simply to shelter his hands from the air currents by the use of a deflector ! For many years he quietly searched in vain for such a device.

The idea lead to a patent application followed by the awarding of a full patent from the INPI ( National institute of intellectual property). His elder brother helped him to finalize the application process especially from the technical point of view, dealing with the patent attorney.

To commercialize a patented idea is not always easy, especially so when your profession does not allow you to work for commercial gain. But what a pity not to be able to exploit it..

The presence of available and motivated parents had meant that the project was able to get off the ground and turn into an adventure and finally and obstacle course. They took up the challenge , heart and soul, and the PMC EVASION limited company was born on the 26th may 2011.

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